Work  Hard in Silence,Let Your Success Make a Noice.

I know that you all have a dream I know that you all want something that you’re passionate about maybe it’s making a lot of money maybe it’s becoming a doctor maybe it’s attracting a special someone whatever your dream is the road to success is rough and unpaved the road to success is full of broken dreams and of people who gave up today we’ll discuss why people fail in achieving their greatest ambitions and what you need to do to prepare your mind for the road to success but what does this road look like well the road to success is not straight there’s a curve called failure a loop called confusion speed bumps called friends red lights called enemies and caution lights called family you’ll have flat tires called jobs but if you have a spare tire called determination an engine called perseverance and insurance called faith you will make it to a place called success when starting towards your dreams.

Success is not About What You Are But Who You are.

Some people will encourage you but as you move further on your path the encouragement will likely fade and the same people who once ignited you and fueled your inner fire are no longer standing beside you the road to success is dark and lonely it’s painful at times it will be nearly intolerable and when you feel like your journey to success has made you more bitter than when you started just know that this is normal it’s meant to be this way this is part of the process if success was easy then everyone would be rich and successful and the system obviously does not work this way you have to go down before you can go up but once you do go up you’re going to rise so much higher than you’ve ever been before when you first start towards your goals or dreams you’ll feel very optimistic you’ll experience a strong sense of motivation to get started and you might even feel like you can do anything this is a great feeling .

The Key to Success is to Focuss On Goals,Not Abstacles.

if you were like me when I first started then you feel like you can do anything but just know that this powerful feeling is because you haven’t encountered in the obstacles you haven’t developed any false beliefs your optimism is what ignites the fire but just know that as soon as you run into the first obstacle a large part of your optimism will leave you then another obstacle and more energy is lost and then another and another in life you can get anything you want no one is stopping you but you but before you can taste the sweet flavor of success you must know the price and you must be willing to pay it this price is a combination of your time willpower and resilience most people will start towards their dreams and have no idea of what the true price of achieving them is so when times get hard they wave the white flag and give up some people revisit their goals later on in life but most people give up and they spend the rest of their life wondering what if what if I just stuck it out a little bit longer what if I persist it just long enough to reach my goals in our culture when we see a self-made millionaire pulling up to a restaurant in an expensive sports car it’s easy to jump to conclusions and assume they got lucky.

Do it Now Sometimes “later” Becomes Never.

what most people don’t see are the thousands of hours of hard work the loneliness and the willpower that most people have to endure to obtain that kind of wealth sure some people have inherited a fortune and did in fact get lucky but let me tell you that a lot of these people aren’t actually happy on the inside these are the people who try the hardest to show off all of their wealth and everything they do they’re always seeking validation from the people around them this is because they don’t have the inner confidence to do anything that they set out to do so.

Great Things Never Come From Comfort Zones.

They need people around them to tell them that they are indeed hard-working they never paid the price for success but you will on your journey a major obstacle that you’ll need to face is rejection most self-made millionaires to face rejection many times it’s part of the price that you must pay for success another major obstacle that you’ll face is diss and the greater your ambition the more likely you’ll face disappointment you’ll also experience a great amount of stress on your journey you will need to learn how to manage your stress and stay focused on the path to your dreams you’ll experience every negative emotion you can think of these negative emotions are life’s way of testing you it’s betting you to see if you actually do have.

Failure is the Key to Success; Each Mistake Teaches us Something.

What it takes and guess one very much like school each test gets harder and harder each test makes you question your abilities and you start to think about turning around that first test is rejection it’s the people closest to you telling you that you’re crazy for chasing your dream for challenging the status quo I can just about promise you that the second test will be the pain of disappointment and all the stresses of life that come at you from every angle like I previously said this is when you start second-guessing yourself these truths are not meant to discourage you in fact it’s quite the opposite if you don’t know what to expect you’re more likely to give up the road to success is not made for quitters it’s not made for those who are easily offended the road to success is made only for those who are willing to pay the price the reality is that most people give up when their just inches away from the finish line to succeed you have to believe without a doubt that you’ll make it these people are the outliers they are unique when the water starts to shake their boat they hold on and actually enjoy the ride they embrace the struggles and recognize the obstacles for what they truly are tests with every challenge you’re given an opportunity to prove yourself to prove that you are not a quitter to prove that you’re worthy to tell life that you deserve every bit of success that it has to offer I love being transparent with my viewers.

You Don’t Have to Be Great to Start,but you Have to Start to Be Great.

I want to let you in on a low part of my life at one time I went out every weekend with my friends wasting money and time on things that were very toxic I soon began to realize that my biggest fear was regret I didn’t want to look back later in life and say shoulda woulda coulda I then began my journey to self-improvement and before you know it I too took my first step on the road just says Friday night would roll around and I had to tell them that I couldn’t make it I was busy they didn’t understand they questioned me thought I was crazy after only three to four weeks of telling them no sorry I can’t make it out the phone stopped ringing I was lonely I battled mood swings I was losing hope my fire and drive that I once had when I first started was gone it’s as if my dream was a raging wildfire and within seconds a monsoon came to put it out luckily there was a little ember buried underneath all the rubbish and aftermath under all the rejection and disappointment that ember caught fire again and continues to grow and grow my fire is so big that the size of the monsoon no longer matters my fire will always be lit the road to success is always open for those who are willing to pay the price most people walk right by it and never even notice it but you are different now that you know the price all you have to do is get started.

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