Ad Exec + Storyteller, Colleen Hindsley


Today I’m talking with Ad Exec and storyteller, Colleen Hindsley. Growing up the youngest of 6 kids in a big Irish-Catholic family, Colleen learned young how to get herself noticed in the family.  And while people have always told her what a great storyteller she is, she never really thought about it as something special, until she discovered her side passion, crafting the stories from her real life and sharing them onstage.



Colleen’s episode on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic podcastCatch Colleen at Happy Hour Story Hour, Mondays @ 7pm at The Duplex in NYC

  • From Philadelphia, and a big Irish-Catholic family.

  • Feels that while she “fell into her career” in advertising, she now can look back and see the threads that connected them all.

  • How a vision of herself telling stories on stage came pretty much fully formed and led to her side passion in storytelling, even though she’d never heard of The Moth or the concept of storytelling in front of audiences.

  • Her childhood as the youngest of six, was filled with lots of attention getting because she was the youngest, and her family was rich for stories.

  • How Colleen got started with storytelling by just starting to tell a few people about her interest and then through a class at The Story Studio.

  • Colleen started going to workshops and surrounded herself with other likeminded people who were exploring their interests outside of work.

  • The acute grief she experienced after her father’s death led her to start thinking about what might be something interest she might want to explore; wondered if there was something more out there for her… at this time she was in a space of being open to new things, which is why she thinks her storytelling interest showed up — because she was open to it.

  • We dig into the many, many values of having both a career and side interests.

  • After seeing some early success within the storytelling community she set it all aside when her mother became ill and then died.

  • How earlier this year, an accident led to her returning to make space in her life for storytelling again, but there was a lot of fear and "stuckness" around it.

  • How her friend texted her about Liz Gilbert’s podcast opportunity, and she went for it and feels like it was meant to be because of the place she was in in her life. She was feeling stuck but also really open.

  • Her experience in talking with Liz Gilbert for the podcast.

  • Finding the ability to appreciate her innate gifts as a storyteller.

  • Experiencing the discomfort and lack of ease around being a beginner with a new project she’s working on — a one woman show of her stories.

  • Yet again I reference the Ira Glass video I love about being a beginner.

  • On feeling “good enough to be” exactly where she is right now, and how that’s pretty good!

  • When she was injured there was a lot of anxiety around her recovery, but she didn’t recognize that the seven week break was really helpful for helping her move to the next phase in her life until later, but now she can look back and see that it was.

  • Also the choices she made during that stretch, limiting TV and trying to give herself space for something else, even though she didn’t know what it was yet…. really did help her move forward.


Executive Director + Little League Baseball Coach, Bruce Reed


Today I have Bruce Reed who is a dad of two young kids and runs Compass Education Group, and on the side, he's a little league baseball coach.

Bruce has a really interesting perspective and approach when it comes to coaching kids, and he takes much of the same approach in building and managing teams in his business — in both he looks for 3 types of personalities: The entrepreneurs, The artisans and The pragmatists. I love this way of thinking because it allows people to be recognized for the strengths they bring naturally, rather than being force fit to be something they’re not.



  • Compass Education Group

  • As a kid he had great coaches that influenced him to stay involved in coaching.

  • In college spent a semester abroad in Australia and helped get an American Football team started, later coached high school softball and baseball team in Japan.

  • Bruce has a unique approach to coaching the little league kids:

  1. He thinks a lot about it before he even has a team of kids

  2. His goal is that he wants the kids to be future dads coaching little league versus being a high school all-star or pro player

  3. He thinks about how he wants to be remembered by the kids in the future

  • Value in writing down guiding ethics and guiding principles - become a shared narrative for the team and all this helps the team develop chemistry and success on the field.

  • How he sees sports as such a great vehicle for learning and growth.

Enjoying the podcast?

  • Bruce lives by the definition of the word coach, it’s a very selfless role: Meets you where you are and taking you where you want to go.

  • The four rules he works with his teams to live by that he helps the kids break down and they talk about them at the beginning of every practice, and why they are important and what they say… they also recognize each other for embodying these values.

    1. Dress like a ballplayer

    2. Run on and off the field full speed every time

    3. Respect every aspect of the game

    4. No selfish questions

  • How he approaches teams in business is really the same - he borrows and swaps from his coaching role in business.

  • Looks for certain traits and behaviors in hiring; doesn’t matter the industry (or type of team) to him.

    1. The entrepreneur

    2. The artisan

    3. The pragmatists

  • He uses coaching to bring these traits out in his team members.

  • How finds the integration of work and coaching to be invaluable in making it all work together.

Read more on Bruce’s coaching philosophy in sports and in the college preparation world.

Special Guest Expert, Tara Gentile—Founder of Quiet Power Strategy® | Episode 05


Today on the show we have a special guest expert, Tara Gentile. Tara’s an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who works with other entrepreneurs, many of whom are building their businesses as side projects or transitioning side businesses to full time work.

I first came across Tara when I was in my life coach training program a few years ago and looking for ideas to build my business, and I have been an avid follower ever since. She’s super smart and has a really fresh perspective in how she approaches business building.

And be sure to listen all the way through, because Tara’s also got a new side project of her own!


  • Find Tara at

  • On how Tara journey to entrepreneurism started with quitting her original plan to go to grad school to become a religion professor, and then working in retail management at a Borders bookstore (AKA mini-business school)

  • Tara’s used everything she learned at Borders in first entrepreneurial venture and started with a website business, which led to buying a second website business—and with time her business has evolved to where she is now

  • How we tend to discount our previous experience, but how valuable previous experience in whatever jobs you’ve held over your life, are so important to  how you can look at approaching your entrepreneurial ventures.

  • How Tara helps idea-driven entrepreneurs, many who start their business on the side, find focus in their work—this is so important because for these types of businesses, as Tara says, “the message is the money”.

  • Tara’s recommendations for finding focus in your entrepreneurial venture

  1. Give yourself the space

  2. Know what you will say no and yes to

  • String the answers to these four questions together into a statement and this becomes your framework for what you will say no to, and what you will say yes to in your business:

  1. What do you want to create

  2. How do you want to connect with people

  3. Who do you want to create for

  4. How do you want those people to respondWhat do you want to create

  • Tara’s new side project that came about because it’s something she’s been looking for since age 13 and how she realized recently she was the person to bring it to life!

  • Tara’s Creative Live podcast, Profit. Power. Pursuit.


Episode 04: Office Manager + Jewelry Designer, Kylie Watts of Watts in Maine


On today’s episode I’m talking to Kylie Watts of Watts In Maine—her line of jewelry inspired by the fishing and lobstering culture of Maine. We talk a lot about the challenges of balancing a growing business on top of her full time job, how she often needs to move slower than she might like—because she just doesn’t have all the time in the world to run the business.


  • Kylie’s website

  • Kylie’s “Fur Baby” Catahoula Leopard Dog keeps her extra busy

  • Her interest in fashion, jewelry led to her first product, a bracelet made from the brass lobster gauge

  • Maine Makers, LL Bean, Seabags, rope bracelets

  • Husband is from Vinalhaven, Maine

  • How Kylie jumped in and started to reach out to stores very early on, starting with K Collete a store she admired in Portland

  • How she’s chosen to focus on the product over trying to make the brand “perfect, and now working to refresh her brand and website and launch ecommerce (in Fall 2016)

  • Launching a lobster gauge style ring in rose gold and silver and a new bracelet—follow Kylie on Instagram to keep updated on her product line

  • On staying close to the way of life in Maine, fishing and lobstering and expanding beyond jewelry into other accessories rooted in the fishing/lobstering industry and Maine aesthetic

  • Kylie’s advice to those who want to start a business on the side is to go with your own gut, and don’t pressure yourself to take on more than you can.  

  • How Kylie’s husband helps her stay centered and grounded when she can’t do everything she might want to be able to do.

  • On how Kylie feels it’s important to be authentic about the effort and challenges that go into the business and how it helps her build close connections with her customers and others in business.

Kylie's Watts in Maine jewelry:

Images: Watts in Maine on Instagram