Episode 00: Top 5 Benefits of a Side Project + Why I Started The Side Passion Project in the First Place


Today’s episode is all about why I started this podcast and what you can expect to hear on the show as I talk with guests who are pursuing side projects and side businesses on top of full-time lives.

Plus, find out the Top 5 Benefits to Side Projects.

show notes:

A few years ago I got trained as a life coach with the intent to make coaching my new career—but what happened along the way totally surprised me.

I found that during the process of my training and then through all the inherent trials and tribulations of building my coaching business on the side, even though I was super busy and very often full of fear for all the new things I was trying, instead of making me more overwhelmed at my day job, I found that instead—it all actually made me feel a whole lot happier there!

I found myself suddenly full of ideas.  I was enjoying my work again.

I found myself wanting more and bigger challenges.  I was feeling engaged—and it felt so, so good to see myself feeling capable and confident again.

For me, finding new interests and a passion around a business I was building on the side made everything feel better.

And this experience of mine, it got me curious about other people’s experiences with side projects.  

But when I went Googling, I found that while there are countless books and blogs talking about how to "quit your day job and follow your passion" (over 8.7 million entries!) or “how to start a side hustle and quit your day job" (half a million and counting)—there was no one out there acknowledging the reality that for most people, quitting a job is just not a practical or realistic option.  

Or, maybe we actually like what we do—but we also like other things. Or, maybe, like I found out myself—my day job uses parts of me and my side projects use other parts of me—and only by doing both, does it all kinda come together.

I was sure that I couldn’t be the only one experiencing unexpected benefits of a side project—without wanting to quit my day job.  

And I wanted to have this conversation—and that’s what led to this podcast.

So with the show, I’ll be talking to people with all kinds of backgrounds—but what they all have in common is that they’re intentionally seeking and finding fulfillment outside of their full time job or family role.

When I’m talking with people, we’ll hear about their own personal backstory as well as the details of how they’re making their side project work in their life, and also why they do it. I mean, it’s not easy. 

Download The Top 5 Benefits of a Side Project now, and get yourself going on your own side passion journey!

ps.  On the show I asked you to let me know if the 5 Benefits resonate with you. Leave a comment below!