Special Guest Expert, Tara Gentile—Founder of Quiet Power Strategy® | Episode 05


Today on the show we have a special guest expert, Tara Gentile. Tara’s an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who works with other entrepreneurs, many of whom are building their businesses as side projects or transitioning side businesses to full time work.

I first came across Tara when I was in my life coach training program a few years ago and looking for ideas to build my business, and I have been an avid follower ever since. She’s super smart and has a really fresh perspective in how she approaches business building.

And be sure to listen all the way through, because Tara’s also got a new side project of her own!


  • Find Tara at TaraGentile.com

  • On how Tara journey to entrepreneurism started with quitting her original plan to go to grad school to become a religion professor, and then working in retail management at a Borders bookstore (AKA mini-business school)

  • Tara’s used everything she learned at Borders in first entrepreneurial venture and started with a website business, which led to buying a second website business—and with time her business has evolved to where she is now

  • How we tend to discount our previous experience, but how valuable previous experience in whatever jobs you’ve held over your life, are so important to  how you can look at approaching your entrepreneurial ventures.

  • How Tara helps idea-driven entrepreneurs, many who start their business on the side, find focus in their work—this is so important because for these types of businesses, as Tara says, “the message is the money”.

  • Tara’s recommendations for finding focus in your entrepreneurial venture

  1. Give yourself the space

  2. Know what you will say no and yes to

  • String the answers to these four questions together into a statement and this becomes your framework for what you will say no to, and what you will say yes to in your business:

  1. What do you want to create

  2. How do you want to connect with people

  3. Who do you want to create for

  4. How do you want those people to respondWhat do you want to create

  • Tara’s new side project that came about because it’s something she’s been looking for since age 13 and how she realized recently she was the person to bring it to life!

  • Tara’s Creative Live podcast, Profit. Power. Pursuit.