Communications Consultant + co-creator of Not Parent Approved, Stacy Katz


Today I’m talking with Stacy Katz who works in PR and has also invented and launched a card game for kids with her co-founder Maximina Revis.  Their award winning game is called Not Parent Approved, it’s for people (not just kids!) 8 and up and it’s available exclusively on Amazon.

I loved talking with Stacy about her journey to developing this game, coming to consider herself an entrepreneur and the journey of reinvention she’s experienced along the way.

Not Parent Approved  founders, Stacy Katz (left) and Maximina Revis 

Not Parent Approved founders, Stacy Katz (left) and Maximina Revis 


Pick up Not Parent Approved on Amazon

  • Stacy on solo parenting by choice.

  • How Not Parent Approved came out of a weekend of cancelled play dates and attempting to find a non-screens related pastime for 9-year-old boys.

  • We talk about how kids today aren’t primed to play board games; they’re so used to the quick fix of apps.

  • Stacy and her co-founder Maximina Revis (who comes from a background at Mattel), wanted to develop a game that would capture modern kids attention and also be something adults can find entertaining as well.

  • Stacy and Maximina call their game inappropriately appropriate… like an “edgy Apples to Apples”.

  • Producing a physical product can be overwhelming. Stacy talks about developing the game in stages, starting with a simple prototype using index cards and testing with kids at summer camp.

  • Stacy talks about how important asking for help from others who have game experience has been. This is how they learned about the toy industry.

  • How play testing impacted and changed the game for the better.

  • Stacy on the entrepreneurial journey, including needing to switch manufacturers midstream. The two things that have kept her going are:

1. Her intention is to bring joy, laughter and connection to the world - especially face-to-face. She’s not “anti-screen”, but she feels it’s really important that kids get “face-to-face fun”. People enjoying game keeps her going.

2. Her son Bailey, in her darkest moment, told  her “Mom, we’re not quitters. You can do this.” This always stays with her.

  • How every step in this process, and stretching herself along the way, has proven something new to herself. She now considers herself an entrepreneur, which feels really big to her.

  • How Stacy, as a single mom who works for herself, is making time for this major project:  Hour by hour, one day at a time. She doesn’t strive for “balance”, but tries to just be real about what works in her life.

  • A combination of “effort, faith and letting go” is how she’s approaching the game launch; if she does all these things then she will know she did all she could.

  • Stacy who is 47 says, “The new normal is reinvention”, and I couldn’t agree more. Side projects are a fantastic way to explore other sides of yourself and can lead to amazing reinvention and journey along the way.