Brand Marketer + Campaign Volunteer & Fundraiser for Hillary for America, Sheila Normile Thompson


In today’s episode I’m talking with Sheila Normile Thompson. Sheila is a marketer by trade, but this campaign season she’s dedicated herself to getting Hillary Clinton elected president.

I talked with Sheila a few months ago, before Secretary Clinton became the democratic nominee —  and I wanted to bring Sheila on the show because while so many of talk in exasperation about the importance of this presidential election, most of that ends up being just talk because we have so much else going on in our lives, and also because we might not even know how to help.

In this episode we talk about Sheila’s background working at Facebook, how she was inspired by Sheryl Sandberg, and how she came to become a volunteer and fundraiser on the Hillary for America campaign.

Sheila’s top 3 ways to support the campaign in a meaningful way, today.

  1. CALL: Phone bank for Hillary from the comfort of your own home. It's super easy.
  2. VOLUNTEER: Your local office can tell you the best way to help in your community.
  3. DONATE: Sheila will get credit for donations through this link. Or you can go to
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  • How Sheila’s family’s civic engagement has influenced her.
  • Sheila’s involvement with older sister’s campaigns for city council and Mayor of Independence, MO.  
  • Sheila’s background in marketing and branding includes working at Facebook as an early employee.
  • Sheryl Sandberg’s influence on Sheila’s decision to get involved in the campaign
  • How Sheila took some advice from Oprah to “Put the energy out into the world and something will happen”.

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  • Sheila on getting connected with her volunteer work on the campaign: “Don’t assume that you know where the links are going to come from, because the links come from really unexpected places”.
  • How Sheila had to initially “call up her gumption” to get more comfortable in talking publicly about what she has been doing on the campaign, but has enjoyed sharing her passion with others.