Episode 02: Meredith Arthur / Product Manager + The Beautiful Voyager


It was so interesting talking with Meredith because she’s taken a topic that is deeply personal to herGeneralized Anxiety Disorderand created a side project around it that is 100% about helping others.

Meredith is fueling an important conversation on a topic that so often gets relegated to the therapists' office, or worse, goes undiagnosed because medical and non-medical people alike don’t recognize the symptoms.


  • Meredith on living in the Bernal Heights neighborhood in San Francisco 

  • That amazing Indian Pizza in Bernal Heights 

  • On being diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder 

  • Meredith’s Huffington Post piece of Generalized Anxiety Disorder that resonated with so many people, and let to starting her website 

  • Definition of an “overthinker” is someone who has physical symptoms as a result of thinking.  While there’s nothing wrong with “thinking”, if you’re thinking so much that you are always trying to solve for everything are are having physical symptoms then you may be an “overthinker”

  • Some physical symptoms of an “overthinker” include headaches, neck pain, tight shoulders, lower back pain

  • Connecting the dots between the physical and mental stuff

  • Meredith’s website for overthinkers with physical symptoms from stress, The Beautiful Voyager 

  • Anchor, audio-only social media platform 

  • The Beautiful Voyager on Anchor 

  • On managing GAD with medication (Lexapro) which diminishes symptoms 

  • Create a mantra like Meredith’s “Two Sentences” that helps remind herself of the reality of her situation with a look forward

  • The Beautiful Voyager's Slack channel http://bevoya.com/talk/

Update: Meredith’s job search is over! She landed at Outdoorsy