Educator + Founder of Curiosity Pack, Lily Jones


With the holiday season just around the corner, today I’m talking with Lily Jones, a kindergarten teacher turned educational consultant who also runs a side business making super fun AND educational activity kits for kids called Curiosity Packs.  Lily’s kits are great kids 3-6, and her for travel pack which could come in especially handy for holiday travel is for kids up to 10.

I especially loved hearing about her “feelings kit” — perfect for the kid with Big Feelings   and her upcoming science and friendship kids which sure would have come in handy when my teenager was younger!


Find out more about Curiosity Pack, learning-filled activity kits for kids.

Lily’s Curiosity Forever podcast:  What happens when a journalist and an educator come together to investigate how kids learn? This podcast! Kevin and Lily Jones interview education & parenting experts to find out everything they possibly can about raising awesome kids.

  • How Lily transferred her experience as a kindergarten teacher and educational consultant to her side business.

  • How Lily created her side businesses based on requests from friends who were looking for fun and educational things to do with their kids.

  • How her own kids have inspired her products.

  • The challenges in producing a physical product.

  • How her side business grew out of really wanting something for “her”.

  • Using Kickstarter to launch her product (while pregnant and then with a newborn!!!).

  • For every 10 Curiosity Packs ordered, one gets donated.

  • Making time for her business on top of her educational consulting work and being home with her two young kids.

  • What’s up next for Lily with her side business.

  • The number one thing Lily wishes she’d known earlier, before she started her business is to have known (believed) that “done is better than perfect”; she would have started a lot earlier.

  • How she gets inspiration for new products that she KNOWS her people want to buy.

  • Lily’s top advice for others who are trying to make room for side business on top a busy life includes sometimes thinking about what you actually enjoy doing--and doing some of that--to give yourself a boost.

  • Lily chooses to take care of tasks in her business, even if she might rather watch Netflix, is by thinking about how great she’ll feel afterwards.