Episode 01: Jason Leal / Software Developer + Improv Artist


Welcome to episode #1!  

I really loved talking with Jason and learning about how joking around with a roommate 16 years ago led to his side passion in improv theater, and how improv has opened up his world in teaching him to stop listening to his natural instinct to “say no” and to instead “say yes to anything”....

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  • Craigslist

  • BATS Improv in San Francisco

  • On being open to what might become your thing…. “The thing that you want isn’t necessarily going to look the way you think it’s gonna look”  

  • What Jason has learned to stop listening to his natural instinct to “say no” to instead … from “saying yes to anything” — in improv and in life

  • How Jason, an introvert and someone who doesn’t consider himself a “natural born performer” finds comfort on stage

  • Finding flexibility and a healthy balance between his time with improv and other aspects of his life

  • Thoughts on budgeting time and prioritizing what you love, even when you’re really busy

  • Stretching into new places (like taking a dance class!), feeling the fear and doing it anyway

  • The biggest things Jason has learned from improv and how it’s broadened and changed his life; has taught him to say yes more, not need to be “great” at something before trying it

  • How improv has taught him to judge himself less and trust his instincts more

  • He no longer thinks that he needs to do his acting and improv full time to “do it well”; rather persistence is the key.